Known not only for the quality of its wines, but also for the famous cedar of Lebanon which stands above it, the mention Gattera, situated in the Annunziata hamlet of La Morra, is rather articulate, with exposures varying from southeast to southwest and even northeast.

Here, we cultivate about one hectare, split into two clearly separate parts, one bordering with our winery, facing southeast, and the other being part of the hill historically known as Turna Langa, facing south
These vineyards have always produced a balanced and elegant Barolo, with spicy notes that make it immediately recognisable.


Vigneto Gattera - Fratelli Revello

Taken from the book Barolo MGA, l’Enciclopedia delle Grandi Vigne di Langa di Alessandro Masnaghetti
Editore Enogea – – All rights reserved

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