With just under two hectares of working vineyard, the mention Conca is one of the smallest within the entire appellation.

On the right side of the road that descends from Annunziata to the valley floor, there is a small basin of well-cultivated vines. The area is well protected and has a very special microclimate, with excellent exposure of the vineyards. The red poppy anemone grows wild here between these vines in spring.
Here, we cultivate just under one hectare, facing south.
These vineyards have always produced a Barolo with a substantial character, thanks to the protected position and the soils. Notes of ripe fruit and persistent tannin are the main characteristics of the Barolo grown in this vineyard.


Vigneto Conca - Fratelli Revello

Taken from the book Barolo MGA, l’Enciclopedia delle Grandi Vigne di Langa, by Alessandro Masnaghetti
Editore Enogea – – All rights reserved

Wines associated with this vineyard